Kumar Bishwajit is an artist of great renown of today’s time. He is popular among the audience of all age groups in Bangladesh because of delivering good music throughout consecutive 25 years of his career.
Besides being a singer and a tuner and composer, his work has been very much appreciated by critics and they agree that the lyrics of his songs are of high quality and give social message and awareness. He has always tried to improvise Bengali modern song mixed with other combination such as Fusion, Latin, Caribbean, South Indian, Jamaican, Country, Western, Samba, Reggae and Rock. Besides, it has the essence of Bengali culture, which he has represented all over the world and has
been loved by millions. As an artist renowned nationally, he has received many awards from different organizations including Bangabandhu, Zia Smriti, Jaijaidin, Channel-I film award, Channel-I performance award, Bachosas, Binodon Bichitra and various others. But most importantly, after so long a period in the cultural field, he is still unparallel and unbeatable with the profound love of his admirers.

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